Govt measures against Left Wing terrorism

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  • Govt measures against Left Wing terrorism

    For decades a strange site could be seen in Greece and only in Greece. Hooded anarchists throwing rocks and petrol bombs at police and the police just.. taking it..

    Thanks to a change in government, police have now been instructed to arrest those attacking police and setting fire to private property!! This is not April Fools! A trial run happened last night in the anarchist zone of the city which will now be passified.

    They went in there last night, immediately aracho-communists starting attacking the police, they arrested them both, a 17 year old Albanian and a 40 year old Greek.

    Unprecedented in Greece. The police admit the former policy from their commanders of 'creative ambiguity' - basically stand there and take it - is now ended.

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    About time.


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      Good to see, hope this means stupid hooligans will be arrested at football stadiums


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        Finally. Making cocktail Molotovs designated as bombs with correct punishments.