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    Originally posted by Amorgos View Post

    It's really sad what happened with, I was heavily involved with that site and witnessed some unthinkable things from some people, both in its last few months and after (when it got even more weird), Phantis then had a chance to be the new epicenter for Greek soccer forums but went all stupid and banned so many quality posters for no reason other than not being lefties, it was real madness.

    I dont read Phantis political sections any more, its like reading the malakies the UN put out the other day that Don posted above, which I couldnt believe I read on Twitter.

    Only the NT section is good, its primarily a PAOK forum now with some Aris too. The Aris guys are actually nice, PAOK guys think the world is against them and anyone who challenges them on their paranoia cops stupid retaliation, but of course it's ok for them to do it in Laz's house.

    All in all, very sad and unfortunate that the greek soccer . com page went down, at its peak before all the loonies were allowed back in it was something pretty special, I even won a Greek NT jersey for winning the tipping comp in the mid 00's
    very sad indeed

    that site had potential

    on top of the great community and belonging, i used to love going to the tournaments in chicago... if memory serves me well, the field was called schaumburg

    i love "good" soccer, so i'm not really a club fanatic. ... the NT is my club is OSFP, for many reasons, although i admit having some feelings for the AEK of the 90's as i spent a fair amount of time in nea filadelfia

    some of those joker punk OSFP fans @ were quite the scumbags ... they ruined the site & created the great divide

    phantis was never designed to accept the migration, let's just face that fact for what it is

    the sad reality is I KNOW of some really good posters that are stuck on the other side.... not joining here for one reason or another.... some might be shy ... we should find a way to accommodate them.

    i wish they would come

    and to be honest with you guys .... i don't have that many bad things to say about Phantis, i saw some things i did not agree with, but i never experienced it. some good posters got banned for no reason... that's pretty kneejerk reaction

    tzatziki & bananas were always very nice to me



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      Very well said Tantra


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        Originally posted by Amorgos View Post

        You will be amazed at the ages of those guys and their leader... we even had people from other counties joining in back then and females too
        sure, i remember. the tough guys from australia. they fucked with, fucked with some more and eventually threatened a poster - a poster who was and probably still is, innocent to the ways of the world. everyone can't be 15 forever and laugh and someone being picked on. that turned off a lot of posters. i remember the females, from australia too.