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  • Ukraine

    Hello all,

    Ground shook a bit with news that the Donetsk & Lukansk regions of Ukraine were being recognized as independent states by Russia, followed by Russian parliament authorizing the use of Russian troops in those regions.

    I believe this event has a million implications that I'm interested in getting everyone's thoughts on.

    What do you think this means for Europe (Greece in particular), the price of energy, and the shift in power balance vis-a-vi the US and China?

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    I believe he has some valid concerns which have been dismissed. Putin is a tactician and will come out of this stronger if he doesn't overplay his hand.

    European energy prices will sky rocket in the short term but investment will be made to diversify their energy sources. Turkey will see this as an opportunity to follow the Russian playbook and capture some of the islands. US needs to step up but I do not see that happening. China/Turkey are looking at the world's response and trying to gauge what the outcomes will be. Possession is 9/10 the law???


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      Fascinating move. Devastating for Ukraine - one of Erdogan`s closest allies.

      Like with annexation of the Crimea, I think it will change little outside of Ukraine. The Germans will restart Nord Stream 2 when everyone's attention is diverted. Implications may come via punishments handed out by the UK and US and any Russian retaliatory measures. Gas prices will likely shoot up at some point.. they are already artificially high as is petrol.

      For me, I am interested to see whether Russia takes Mariupol. Excellent city with a minor Greek population that will link Russian to the Crimea through a land bridge.

      I think the West could have avoided all this by offering a UN monitored referendum within the regions of Luhansk and Donbass. Because they refused to think outside the box, I believe Ukraine may lose more land.

      As for China, the US government is exceptionally sinophiliac, so China will continue to grow and dominate whatever Russia does.

      i dont think there are any parallels for Turkey to get excited about concerning Greek Islands as there are no Turkish speaking, Turkish identifying Greek Islands unlike the abundance of Russian speaking areas in Eastern Ukraine.


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        Russia is going for the entire overthrow of the current Ukrainian government and this is certainly an invasion that does not just stop at Donetsk & Lukansk.

        Russia for the first time recognized the illegally occupied north of cyprus as it parallels it's annexation of Ukrainian territory. So much for the "xantho genos" saving Greece or restoring Hagia Sophia as a Greek orthodox Church.

        Finland and Sweden are set to take part in a NATO meeting tomorrow despite being full members. I assume both will be inducted as members shortly.

        I also assume China will make a move on Taiwan. Putin is a master tactician who saw what's going on in the western world and realized this was his time to shine. China will do the same.

        The scenes coming out of Ukraine are downright astonishing


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          Had no idea he would go all in. My belief was he would take the Russian majority areas as they would be easy to hold. No idea he would go straight to the heart of Ukrainian nationalism.

          I think the recognition of Northern Cyprus has more to do with his hatred for Mitsotakis who is a poor statesman and not very intelligent.. Mitsotakis could only call Putin a threat to democracy for so many years before Putin retaliated against Greece - a nation in a very dangerous and vulnerable part of the world. Mitsotakis believes in NATO and the EU..


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            The more plausible answer to recognizing Northern Cyprus is the fact that Turkey didn't close the waters allowing the Russian warships to pass.