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    Originally posted by Amorgos View Post
    If only we could shoot free throws! That’s what cost us
    How many times have we said that over the years?


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      I know, its incredible given our history and success.... its like the Azzuri not been able to take a proper freekick or something like that... I couldn't believe, watching on, all tournament as we would be lucky, and I mean lucky to sink 2/2


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        Spain win it.. or in reality again.. Catalans..

        Gasol - From Barcelona
        Rubio - From Masnou
        Rudy - From Palma
        Claver - From Valencia
        Oriola - From Tarrega
        Llull - From Menorca
        Ribas - From Barcelona
        Quino - From Andorra
        Rabesada - From Girona..


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          Spain are World Champions, easy winners over Argentina, 95-75 - that's how you get the job done


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            Rick Pitino will be the new coach:


            Pitino told reporters Friday that he will begin coaching the team for the Olympic qualifying tournament in June. Greece will be one of 24 teams playing for four Olympic bids during the June 23-28 event.

            "Obviously it's a great honor for me to accept this position, and I'm looking forward to it," Pitino said. "I'll spend most of the winter, once the brackets are announced, studying the film and we'll go to work."