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    Originally posted by Brklyngrk View Post
    I think he wants to see if his dream line up works. In many aspects, it does. The key difference is the AM role that Bakasetas occupies. It changes everything bc that role touches the ball so much and is involved in every aspect of the attack. Tziolis should be given a run at LW as well. Can we also rest Tzavellas and put it on Mavropanos?
    Totally agree with you on Mavropanos. Interesting to see how Tzavellas defends Haaland if he's exposed 1 on 1 with him, won't be pretty.


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      Seems Bakasetas is not in the 11? Two instant goals for Greece as a result..

      It's been 4 years(?) since we scored over 3 goals?


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        Good half of soccer for the nt, I guess when you remove an anchor, any boat, even this ethniki, is going to sail smoother. Pelkas, man of the half for me, showing glimpses of the 17 year old I saw with PAOK, I'm glad one of our Turkish league players is translating his good form with the NT. Bouchalakis on the other hand, is doing his best Bakasetas impersonation


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          Bakasetas subbed on. Immediately gives away a freekick and so we go a player down... Norway should take advantage of us being a man down now.

          First half I counted 5 current/ former Olympiacos players on the pitch all at the same time. Is that some kind of record?

          Anyways, second half, we are a shadow of the first. There it is 2-1.

          A game of two halves; one half 11 vs 11, the second 11 vs 10.


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            Agreed V, once Baka came in, the rhythm slowed down. Mind you, Tziolis isn't doing any favors for himself, by not organizing himself on who he has to mark from the outset on that Norwegian corner that they scored on. Loved The Cosmote announcer stating that Tziolis hasn't heped at all since his inclusion in the second half and not one word on Baka, who on two promising counters, either held on to the ball to long or passed it back to kill the pace of the attack.

            Poor Haaland though, is playing with a bunch of stiffs, that make Greece's pace look lightning quick.


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              Good to get the win. For some reason every time we are up 1 or 2 goals we drop off. I don’t get it. Just keep going. Why does the team slow down after scoring 2 goals? We could’ve scored another 2 in the first half.

              This game further proved that Androutsos should be starting from now on. The guys got it all. He defended well and scored his goal. Pelkas gave a nice through ball. He played good today. I questioned the system at first but I liked how we played Masouras and Pelkas upfront. They are more agile and fast. Something our other strikers are not.

              As soon as Bakasetas came on, he ruined everything as usual. I’m tired of seeing Tzavellas pass the ball to no one or the other opposition when under pressure. Mavropanos and Papadopoulos were always playing someone’s feet and passing the ball well to our players.

              There wasn’t much Tzolis could do with the midfield behind him that came on. I feel like we defended well but we still need further improvement in attack, especially the 2nd half. We need to learn that when we are up to 2-0 easily that we should keep going the same way. Not slow down completely and pass the ball sideways or backwards.

              Happy for the win.


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                Originally posted by LoneHorseman View Post
                Loved The Cosmote announcer stating that Tziolis hasn't heped at all since his inclusion in the second half and not one word on Baka, who on two promising counters, either held on to the ball to long or passed it back to kill the pace of the attack.
                So fucking infuriating. Sure when the Ottomans were around in Greece, there were always certain Greeks ready to praise the Sultan on reflex... to other Greeks who would roll their eyes in disbelief. Bakasetas is adored by the media.


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                  Before the game, I saw a preview write-up of the match. For Greece, the player to watch was Bakasetas! How he was the attacking engine of the team!! I almost spit out my drink...


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                    Wonderful first half, I wrote this the other day
           urging JVS to remove Bakasetas and get Masouras, Pelkas and Mantalos on, well I was worried at first about being proven wrong but it didn't take long for these guys to show us what Greece can do with good mobile players in attack, I also thought Androutsos and the 3 defenders were great again, actually like seen Androutsos move centrally at times as you can see the midfielder in him, great touches, passes and can get by a player 1:1 too.

                    Sadly the second half was a tragedy, with Bakasetas on, there was just no connection happening, Pelkas looked tired and nothing was sticking with Tzolis who I am starting to worry about.

                    I dunno if anyone in Australia watched it on Optus Sport and the stupid commentator was saying a penalty was given on the Tsimikas handball... I was devastated only to see what I originally thought, it's a goal kick! Speaking of Tsimikas, clearly alittle rusty with the lack of game time.

                    It's no wonder we haven't scored more than 2 goals in 4 years was it?? We are shit at finishing and we just dont have the drive to put teams away... second half... I dont get who we got so poor, no what we wanted to see but overall a good two results prior to September, you gotta keep Bakasetas outside the 11.


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                      Yeah I saw the game on Optus Sport. I knew it was a goal kick but when the commentator said penalty I was like uh oh, no way, can it be haha.


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                        LH is right, most the Greek msm sports sites focusing their anger on Tzolis. I think he is out of form and probably feeling riled and confused by the insecurity of being hawked to the highest bidder but it is amazing how there is no mention of Bakasetas. Either they know he is irreplaceable by VS or they have drunk the kool aid and actually believe he adds something. I suspect mostly the former as they simply can't find a way to say anything good about him today.. Either way, disgraceful.

                        Trying to stay positive as we all do because of our innate love of the country.. so... I will say happy that the RB position seems to be settled in favour of Androutsos. However one slip up from him, despite the goal and good defending previously and the media will be on him like piranhas. Tsimikas was at times too casual with his passing and clearances in our own half, but again - a night and day improvement on Staf, Tzavellas etc. The midfield is faster and far more dynamic without Kourbelis. We are still running with 3 out of four wheels on our car with Bakasetas in the side, but at least now those 3 wheels have descent tires on as opposed to bicycle wheels and whenever we play with four wheels (ie without Bakasetas) we look like we can play a little.