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  • Taxiarchis Fountas

    Has scored 4 goals in six games as a CF for Rapid Vienna. Not bad for a player who was playing third division German football only two seasons ago. Today is also his birthday. He's now 24.

    He and Kolovos were the two youngsters Markarian called up in the loss to Faroes Islands.

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    Good player, having a great start to this season


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      He reminds me a bit of Nikolaidis based on the few highlights I've seen. He's looks to be very quick, has an eye for goal, and good feet. Prior, I recall he was more of a winger/CAM, but he's done well to convert to a CF.


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        You could say that, not as good technically as Demi (a few years ago anyway, have not seen him play the last two years) but he is very quick, prob faster than Demi was. Yeah he was more winger/cam previously


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          In 16 appearances for his club, he has scored 10 goals and assisted two. He suffered an injury against Salzburg, but it looks like he recovered quickly.


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            Fortunately it appears he has escaped the dark black hole that sucked talented players like Ninis in and has genuinely revived himself.