AEK vs Leicester

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  • AEK vs Leicester

    AEK vs Leicester

    Date - Thursday, 29th October 2020

    Venue - OAKA, Athens

    Competition - Europa League

    Round - Group Stage - Game 2

    Time - 19:55 (Greece time)

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    Looking at injuries. We are going to have to play Kristicic & Shakhov again... these guys must be tired, could be a very tough encounter with Leicester


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      We will play the same as we did vs Braga imo could even see Vasilantonopoulos in the middle and Bakakis at RB. We will pretty much be sitting back for 90 minutes and hoping for the best.

      A point would be a god send.

      Going forward 6 pts vs Zorya is a must or we are out.


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        A draw against these guys is as good as a win.

        Agree Dikefale if we don’t beat the Ukrainians twice we are doomed.

        Lets see what formation and line up he goes with but I expect it to be very defensive.


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          Agreed. If we can somehow get a point that would be a great result. Interested to see our line up. Missing Simoes, Symanski and Garcia


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              Have heard a lot of chat about the game on the radio and sport fm. Everyone is writing us off.

              Haven't had a settled back four and our midfield looks a bit thin. Need to work our arses off!


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                check it out guys, it’s a podcast we do at Hellas Football on a weekly basis


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                  Originally posted by Amorgos View Post

                  check it out guys, it’s a podcast we do at Hellas Football on a weekly basis
                  Nice, bravo Amorge!


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                    0-1 Leicester, Vardy peno after Tsintotas brought him down. Nearly saved it but too much power.



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                      2 HUGE chances missed by Livaja.

                      Should be 1-1


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                        It’s like we are jinxed in Europe... we have shown that we can score but we need to convert. I’d have Tankovic for Livaja


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                          2-0 and u can say game over.

                          Tsintotas at fault here ball fell out of his hands for a corner which as usual we suck at.


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                            Good god... with this defence they are a chance to score every time... game over by HT


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                              We haven’t played bad but 2 mistakes and they hurt us, where as we have 2 chances with Livagia and we stuffed them both. That’s the difference right now