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    Originally posted by Amorgos View Post
    LB debut at CB?
    So you did forget! Kyriakopoulos made to play DM/3rd CB vs Austria on his debut!


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      Kyriakopoulos played CDM and funny enough looked better there than Zeca and Kourbelis, your original wordings was confusing. It was only for 10 mins though and then went LB.

      But besides the point, what Carrera did today is tragic, it’s like Greece losing to Moldova at home and playing defenders... unacceptable
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        I just watched it, was out of signal and did a media blackout.

        Horrible. No Mandalos, no team. Had so many free kicks and corners that were junk. Shit line up, why debut your GK in such an important game. Shocking GK error, Bakakis was woeful. Carrera needs to answer for this, so costly, coefficient points, money and the reputation of AEK.

        Simoes and maybe Insua and Livija were our only decent players.

        I'm so disappointed, typical AEK. We haven't won at home since 2010....


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          After I saw that line up I new we would struggle. How do you beat them away 4-1 and at home with still a chance of maybe going into the next round and you have 3 DM starting and doing the same fricken thing. What the f*ck for? You’re playing Zorya not Barcelona or Bayern...

          We had no Mantalos (big loss) and Carrera doesn’t have the sense or logic to drop Livagia there, Tankovic? Even Albanis to run at them for example.

          We could still be playing now and we still wouldn’t have scored against them. Terrible and embarrassing, Carrera must bear the most of this.


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            Spot on guys