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  • Craiova vs AEK

    CS Universitatea Craiova lion crest.png

    Craiova vs AEK

    Date - Thursday, 8th August 2019

    Venue - Ion Oblemenco, Craiova

    Competition - Europa League

    Round - 3rd Qualifying Round (1st Leg)

    Time - 19:15 (Greece time)
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    Think we're gonna lineup something like this based on what I've read:

    Verde..................Geraldes............Mantalo s

    Due to the firework that went off next to the referee in Craiovas last qualifying game they were handed a 3 game no fan ban, however they found a loophole and are letting in apparently 10k kids under 14.
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      Interesting to have Klona up front, I honestly don’t know what some coaches see in the guy, always starts well in the season then disappears. No Livagia starting also, weird. That midfield looks good though, let’s hope they get a good result over there.

      A few mates of mine are there now, only god knows how they’re getting inside.


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        Klona is one of the mysteries of the world. If he can go on as ge starts out every season he would not be in Greece imo.

        I think its just dosn to form that he starts, it could go to Livaja its 50/50.


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          I believe the Romania’s sold tickets to this game before the ban was handed and as such you can get tickets to this game as per normal.

          Im sure if Klona is not cutting it, Livaja will come on


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            10k kids? What Greek teams should do every time they have a ban.


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              I think they overestimated, they have 2k so far will hope for 4k.

              I was thinking that too Reaper but if 1 child is found over the age of 14 they get another ban I believe. We can barely keep out hooligans with Molotovs let alone 15 year olds and over.


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                Click image for larger version

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                Cant remember the last time I seen a subs bench where you could say they could all be starters. We have great depth this year, if only Chyg wasnt made of glass. We definitely need another CB of his quality.

                PAME MORI AROSTIAAAAA!


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                  Pretty poor 1st haf from us, the lack of match fitness and fluidity is showing.

                  Mantalos with our 2 big chances. Vranjes should have at least hit the heqder with his header from the free kick.

                  The front 4 (Klona/Mantalos/Geraldes/Verde) was not clicking. Klona barely touched the ball until he came off for Livaja for the last 5 monutes and in such time he has already had an impact.

                  Need to move the ball around faster, the Romanians are nothing special by any means but they are definitely more match fit, I think they have played 4 league games and 4 Europa games up until this one.

                  Need to win this.


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                    Have you put an actual striker on yet?


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                      GOOAL! Mantalos with a noce header from a beautiful ball by Livaja!

                      Reaper - Oliveira has just come on now for Verde.


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                        GOOOLLL LIVAJAA!

                        0-2 86'


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                          FT 0-2

                          Better in the 2nd half, still work to do. 1st game under the belt will help a lot and will only get better the more games we play. Some nice first touch pass moments but you can see players like Hult, Mantalos, Siamo even Vranjes etc are rusty.

                          Livaja MOTM, looks in good form and when he is in the humour to play he is our best player by a country mile.

                          Klona and Simao went off injured, hopefully nothing serious.

                          Should finish the job in Athens.

                          Trabzonspor scored 2 in the last 5 minutes to get our of Prague with a draw, it ended 2-2. We will have to raise our game if/when we play one of them.


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                            I can understand the dismay at klona starting as aek deserve better. I think ouzo liked him because though he can't lead the attack, he has some value as the forgotten man in attack because he's quick and has some finishing ability. He could work playing off livaja. He benefited immensely playing with berg.

                            Whilst not perfect, livaja is a stud for this aek. I wouldn't be taking him out of the starting 11.

                            Though not for the big games, mantalos can thrive against this type of opposition.

                            The romanians showed a lot of enthusiasm in their play but simply aren't good enough.


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                              Great result. For me your weakest 2 players were Verde and Klona.