AEK vs Panathinaikos

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  • AEK vs Panathinaikos

    AEK vs Panathinaikos

    Date - Sunday, 9th February 2020

    Venue - OAKA, Athens

    Competition - Super League

    Round - 23

    Time - 19:30 (Greece time)

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    Playing a very in form PAO maybe fatigue may kick in with them as they’ve had 2 tough games in a row against PAOK, but we need to win this as last time we really made a mess of that it.

    I wonder if Oliveira will be fit for it and if so will Carrera go with him and Araujo together, would love to see what they can do in the same line up along with Livagia behind them.


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      Pretty sure Oliveira is out as they don't want to risk him coming up tp the play offs and with Araujo back. This will be his first home game back, hopefully he gets on the scoresheet.

      Pretty big game table wise as PAO are lurking over our shoulders. A win for them would leave a 1 point difference. Maybe we can finally win a derby!

      Hoping for a big enough sell out.


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        Really looking forward to this one. We badly need to win a derby before the playoffs so this is it!

        Hopefully no crowd bullshit! We've hit 2020, will Greece and EPO realise significant financial and legal punishments on individuals could be the way forward, because stadium bans are clearly working.....


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          Strong lineup. PAME!

          Click image for larger version

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            What a goal by who else? Araujo! Great build up play and finish!


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              FT 1-0!

              Not our best of games, besides the goal we didnt really create much, either did PAO.

              Thought Kristicic was MVP, guy has finally started to show the player we expected him to be!

              Referee was very whistle happy, and most of them were pro PAO imo.

              PAO had most of the ball, I think we were happy with that that as they never really looles like scoring only for the Vranjes block chance.

              Defence was very good, Verde my only real disapointment. His mind does one thing his legs do the opposite.

              Unreal team goal and finish by Araujo!

              Should hopefully have 3rd sealed now going into the playoffs.


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                Beautiful goal by Araujo.

                Livaja lucky to not get a second yellow. Was really stupid today.


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                  Amazing goal by Araujo, the build up play was what we've been missing. So pumped to have him back, have to sign him and Symanski in the off season.

                  Good to finally win a derby and keep a clean sheet. Hopefully some good results in the playoffs but more importantly, hopefully we can keep our shit together in the off season....


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                    Finally won a derby after so long. As mentioned above we were far from our best but we got the job done.

                    What a turn around on attitude by the players under Carrera, it was only 3 months ago half these players we wanted out but one good coach comes in and look at how they’re all playing now, credit to Carrera for the turn around.

                    We just looked more organised as a whole and play some good football, I pray that Meli sees this and actually backs Carrera and brings him some quality players for next season because this guy can have us challenging for the title next season.


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                      That damn italian had you guys sitting and as proven on many occasions already, we don't have the guys to breakdown organised defences. It doesn't matter if we're playing lamia or someone worse. I'm surprised we scored 3 against PAS in the cup. Deserved victory, though i'd imagine some older aek fans would prefer to see their side play a lot more positive. Meli will need to bring in technically better players offcourse.


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                        A good team starts at the back, we have conceded stupid goals all season. Our title winning season we only conceded 12 this season we have 21 already.

                        It was not the prettiest to watch but at this stage of the season results are what matter, probably the most organised we have looked all season.