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  • Defund the Police

    That's Jacob Frey, the grovelling leftist mayor of Minneapolis, the city in which George Floyd was, according to autopsy, murdered by local police. He tells the crowd that he won't abolish the police to which they denounce him and humiliate him.

    The president of Minneapolis' city council said that those who rely on the police are doing so from a place of privilege and insinuated that black people have more reason to be afraid of the police than an assailant or an intruder! She made these remarks on CNN:

    We went from "black lives matter" to "defund the police." What would this mean exactly? The details remain vague, but some really do mean abolish the police.

    I have my opinions, but what do the rest of you make of this?

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    Stupid times, really stupid times


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      The crowd funding page for BLM UK actually has a list of 10 demands. Weirdly none of them seem to say much about race. One of their demands according to their crowd funding page is the abolition of capitalism.


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        Is this what will become of our cities?
        The move comes as protesters and activists across the country call for their cities to “defund the police.”


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          joe & jocko talk about defunding the police


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            Some people think we don't need guns, I beg to differ:

            Good for her, but the justice system doesn't work well. The fact she's the one the paying $10k bond when she had every right to protect herself is ridiculous.