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  • Introductions

    Hello, I write this subject but I do not know if I have the right or if it is the right place, do not hesitate to make the remark to me.

    This is "Vale," 23, Belgian. It’s been a long time since I was looking for a forum, a place to discuss Greek football, I first found another forum that you certainly know but I found it "weird". I am not Greek, I am 100% Belgian, but I love the country and especially their football, I hope that this detail will not bother you, if you have any questions, do not hesitate, I look forward to exchange and communicate with you, Thank you

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    Welcome Vale.

    Yes, thinking about it we should really have an introductions topic which I will make now. Will be very interested on your opinions concerning Greek football and specific teams and even Greece itself.

    Enjoy and welcome.


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      Welcome to the forum Vale!


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        Welkom. Bienvenue.

        It's funny you should mention you're interest in Greek football. I've always had an affinity for the Belgian national team myself. Who can forget Caje, Jan Cuelemans! Great captain! Scifo, Preud'homme, Pfaff, Gerets... they had a great team in the 80s! The 4-3 win over the Soviets was one of the best matches I ever saw. In the 90s and early 2000s, players like Luc Nilis, Wilmots, Mpenza brothers, Strupar, van Buyten... Belgium had a lot of good players. It's a shame at Euro 2000 the goalkeeper cost you guys the tournament. It's ironic because Belgium always had good goalkeepers and then in 2000 they had the worst keeper in their history. Belgium should at least have gone to the quarter-finals. And in 2002, if they played anyone other than Brazil, they could have gone further too, maybe the semi-finals again. They had a very underrated team that time. I still remember the 5-5 friendly draw they had with the Netherlands before Euro 2000. What a game!

        But never mind then. Right now, Belgium and the Netherlands have the best national sides in the world. It's too bad they postponed the Euros, because I really think De Bruyne would have the big star of the tournament. It's just like what I saw with Modric and Croatia, but De Bruyne and Belgium are an even better team. In the games I've seen him play in the EPL, he's at a different level from everyone else. Very classy player and I think he's now the best in the world, he has looked better than Messi and Cristiano this season. It will be interesting to see if he can continue in this form and he doesn't fall in the same trap as Eden Hazard.