The Greek Genocide and its Recognition Internationally

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  • The Greek Genocide and its Recognition Internationally

    The commemoration of the Pontian Greek genocide was a few days ago. This is a black stain on humanity's history, and shame on the Turks for their continued denial of this historical fact.

    Here is a website which chronicles the history of the genocide and the location of massacres:

    Unfortunately, few countries recognize the genocide. This is a space to discuss the history of the genocide and its recognition worldwide.

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    I remember years ago somewhere, I was researching the Armenian Genocide and wondering why so so many countries failed to recognise it. The genocide itself was a type of prototype for modern genocides and yet many countries simply refused to acknowledge it. I remember the cherry on the top for me was when I discovered Israel - a country almost founded on the horrors forced upon its peoples during WW2 had refused to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. I was pretty appalled. I remember discussing this with someone. When I explained that Israel refuses to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide - he simple reflected - 'Indeed, the international victim's club guards its membership fiercely.'


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      Turkey continues to deny any wrongdoing in any of the genocides it has committed because it recognizes that once it owns up to it, it will have to change everything that makes up the republic of turkey (which relies on external enemies) and repression to stay alive.

      Greece has not done enough, publicly, to get world recognition. One of Greece's major failures is it seems to either not know, or is unwilling to bring any Turkish wrong doing to the international stage.

      To this day, the fact that scores of Greeks had to go through this is appalling. The suffering of Greeks throughout the centuries largely always falls back on Turkey and for that we should always try to expose Turkey for what they've done and continue to do. For the victims that is really the least we can for them
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        That's because Israel is actively engaged in their own kind of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians. Trump has paved the way for them to annex the West Bank.

        According a former Greek Defense Minister, retired General Frangos, the Turks were advised by a German, von Sanders, on the methods they ultimately used to exterminate Christians in Turkey. He egged them on too. He was commander of the Ottoman forces in WWI. General Frangos gave a very detailed account of this:


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          Yep, echoing what you guys have stated I think a large part of why so few countries have recognized the genocide is for political reasons. Turkey is a pretty powerful country in a strategic position... if only Greece didn't lose the war in 1922 and things would be very different.


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            If we won the war, von Sanders would have been hung to death, instead of spending just a year in comfortable isolation and then free for the remaining two years of his life. He's the scum of the earth. Until now I had very little idea he was the real culprit behind the approach the Turks took. Had that Turks gone about massacring our people instead, there would have been an even stronger international response against them and they would have been left more isolated and fractured within. If it wasn't for him, it's difficult to imagine the Turks would have come out on top.


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              Originally posted by Soprano76 View Post
              Turkey is a pretty powerful country in a strategic position... if only Greece didn't lose the war in 1922 and things would be very different.
              there was no way in the world greece could have won that 'war', for a litany of reasons.