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    Olympiacos, one of the most powerful basketball clubs in Europe, were relegated to the second division (A2) for refusing to play against Panathinaikos today. Olympiacos stated they would not play the game if referees Tasos Manou and Panagiotis Anastopoulos were selected to officiate the match and sure enough, they were.



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    Incredible stuff...

    G7 hools went outside Anastopoulos’s place to intimidate and he stepped down, I believe this was condoned by OSFP members...

    Just so much fundamentally wrong things in Greece


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      Even the Wild West had sheriffs and lawmen. Hellas just has this..


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        Sad thing is... I really can’t see anything changing. When you have people at the top. For all clubs, acting like idiots and no accountability whilst allowing hools to do as they like... it will only get worse. Like this, the malakies we see in soccer is now filtrating to the Basketball


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          Things will be fun when EuroLeague revokes their participation in the league...I think Euroleague's format is an example of how a European Football Superleague wouldn't work out quite well, especially if they make it a closed league. Just for the record, Euroleague isn't a closed league yet, but there were plans to close it in the following years.

          I don't want to comment on Olympiakos' relegation and how or why it should or shouldn't have happened, but playing the B squad in every A2 game was pretty immature. The level there is very bad and Olympiakos would have easily topped the standings if they had used some of their first team players in some of the games. Before the league was halted, Olympiakos was ranked 6th, which isn't even enough to make it to the play-offs.