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  • UCL Predictions

    • Manchester United (ENG) v Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
      • PSG
    • Roma (ITA) v Porto (POR)
      • Roma
    • Tottenham Hotspur (ENG) v Borussia Dortmund (GER)
      • Dortmund
    • Ajax (NED) v Real Madrid (ESP)
      • Ajax
    • Lyon (FRA) v Barcelona (ESP)
      • Lyon
    • Liverpool (ENG) v Bayern München (GER)
      • Liverpool
    • Schalke (GER) v Manchester City (ENG)
      • Manchester City
    • Atlético Madrid (ESP) v Juventus (ITA)
      • Juventus
    I think Juventus will win it all

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    Viva Roma!


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      • Man United vs PSG = PSG
      • Roma vs Porto = Roma
      • Spurs vs Dortmund = Dortmund
      • Ajax vs Real = Real
      • Lyon vs Barca = Barca
      • Liverpool vs Bayern = Liverpool
      • Schalke vs Man City = Man City
      • Atletico vs Juventus= Juventus

      I would like an underdog like Roma, Dortmund or Atletico to win.


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        I didn't expect that from Spurs. Dortmund aren't nearly as good as I had thought. I still think Ajax can spring a surprise, but Real's experience looks to be giving them enough of an edge. Dolberg... smh.


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          Ajax are so quick, energetic, and technically proficient. For a moment I thought Real's experience might have been enough to see them through, but Ajax was bursting with too much energy and quality. Tadic's pirouette was better than any I'd seen from Zidane or Maradona.

          Without Ramos, Real were lost at the back. Casemeiro had a night to forget. Bale and Solari are finished at Real.

          If Tottenham were a German side, they'd be running away with the Bundesliga. The quality of German football is beginning to stagnate and decline relative to their Dutch, French, and English counterparts. Maybe that's why Low is calling an end to the NT careers of Hummels, Boateng, and Muller.


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            VAR at it's worst.

            Were the penalty calls correct? On paper, yes. Is that definitively so? No. On first glance these referees didn't think these were penalties, but on replay the incidents are slowed down and the "infringements" appear more exaggerated as a result.

            Yes, the ball hit the PSG player's hand, but there was no intention for that to happen and that is totally subjective. What's a player to do? Cut off his arms?

            Yes, Florenzi pulled at the Porto player's jersey, but he tugged too lightly at the the Porto player to truly deny him the chance. I saw nothing malicious in the contact Florenzi made. The intent was not to pull the player down. I now wonder how many other incidents just like that pull occurred elsewhere on the pitch and resulted in no foul? Why make the penalty area the exception to rule that kind of tug a foul?

            How are defenders meant to adjust, by acting as if they are pylons and nothing more? Are they suppose to make no physical contact with the attackers and are they to place their arms in such a manner that they forfeit their balance? Nay, I'm mistaken: pylons stand a better chance of defending the goal than defenders handicapped by VAR.

            For matches played on the knife's edge to be decided in the last 5 minutes of regular time like this is a problem and I can't see teams being happy with this if it continues. There is work to be done in defining what is and what isn't a penalty when reviewing it under VAR.

            VAR aside, Porto I do think deserve to go through. Manchester has less of my sympathy. The heavy rain undid PSG. Mbappe and Buffon suffered more than anyone today because of the rain. And United, time and again, seem to count favorably in the books of the referees. That said, United had a number of key players missing, although they have incredible depth, and never gave up. They deserve credit to that end.

            I think Tuchel is finished and Zidane will likely take over at PSG in the summer. Solskjaer is going to be manager of United for some time to come and I think this summer they will make the moves needed to stand toe-to-toe with Liverpool and City.

            I still think Pogba is better off on his way out and the fact United won without him today is further testament they don't really need him. They can fetch a lot of money for him and get a Modric or Veratti to boot, who for my money are superior players. Veratti is the likelier candidate. They also need to lure Godin away from Atletico if they really want to get back to winning ways.


            • Don Giovanni
              Don Giovanni commented
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              No sooner than I said Zidane would take over PSG, he took over Real Madrid.

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            Juventus won today switching to a back three. I hope Anastasiadis was paying attention.

            Bernardeschi and Ronaldo stole the show. Juventus thoroughly deserved the win, although the penalty they scored to win in the end sort of cheapened it. Bernardeschi was looking for the penalty--he deliberately left his legs trailing hoping to catch the defender chasing him.

            City demolished Schalke. Total mismatch. No wonder why Manchester City is under investigation by UEFA. With the money they have it's making a mockery of teams like Schalke that stand no chance of competing. Something has to give.


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              Messi proved today he's as good, if not better than Ronaldo when it comes to delivering on this stage. Mesmerizing performance. Lyon were unlucky to lose their keeper in the first half. I thought Lyon had it in them given their group stage away win over Manchester City, a side very similar to Barcelona, but the difference was Messi. They managed to pull one back and for a second it seemed that maybe they might grab an equalizer to make things interesting, but in search for that second Barcelona sprung to life.

              I'd love to see a Barcelona-Juventus rematch in the final. Only Liverpool and City can pip them to the finals I feel.


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                Juventus and Ajax is a tricky one. Juventus have experience and punishing physique on their side. Ajax have youth, guile, and energy. With Juventus playing at home, they should have the edge, but Juventus are often guilty of playing too conservatively. They need to take risks and play hard like they did in the second leg to Atletico.

                Barcelona should win over United. There's no stopping Messi. It's really that simple.


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                  Juventus and Barcelona to go through.


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                    1-1 HT in Turin


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                      Juve out!


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                        Juventus didn't come out like they did against Atletico. They lacked urgency and played too conservatively once again. They deserve to go out. Juventus will need to weigh whether they should stick with Allegri.

                        Next season Ronaldo will save his best for the Euros. I don't expect Juventus to compete for the UCL. They don't have the resources to compete against what will soon be a revamped Zidane-led Real and a Messi-led Barcelona that will incorporate the crown jewels of Ajax. This was their year.

                        Bravo Ajax. Tadic wasn't anything special today, but the verve and energy they play with comes from all cylinders of the team. Ajax have eleven players all capable of playing with incredible energy, tactical awareness, and technical ability. I think if Ajax is to win it all, Tadic will need to do better to pull this team by the scruff of it's neck.

                        What more can be said of Messi. He's next to unstoppable.


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                          I think a Barcelona v Ajax final awaits. Barcelona should take it.


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                            Ajax now in the driver seat after a 1-0 win over Tottenham. Another fine performance from Ajax. De Jong looks a better player than Busquets. Tadic needs to step up his performance if Ajax are to create Barcelona real problems. Tottenham look rather toothless without Kane and Son. Once Son is back, they might give Ajax more of a run for their money.