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  • CL Season 2019 -2020

    Barca starting their 16 year old Ansu tonight vs the krauts.

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    Dinamo Zagreb destroyed Atalanta 4-0. How on earth did that happen?


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      The Italians have twice the budget but the croats were at home..

      Our result was more impressive, Totts have 10 times our budget.


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        Wish I put a bet on that, Zagreb was paying big, a multi with OSFP draw would have been great.


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          Real Madrid drew 2-2 at home to Belgian side Club Brugge. They had a man advantage for the last 10 minutes or so. At one stage, Club Brugge almost pulled away with a third goal to make it 0-3 on 55 minutes! Ramos fortunately scored a headed goal to pull Madrid back into the game and then Casemiro headed in a second right after the sending off.

          Things are looking mixed for Zidane. They should be able to qualify out of the group, but only in second place, meaning they'll play a difficult side for the last 16. They are well behind in quality compared others sides, like PSG who gave them a 3-0 thumping without their star men. Real currently top the league, but were unconvincing in their draw with Atletico and Barcelona still seem favorites to win the league despite some early slip ups.

          I think Zidane's handling of Bale, attempting to force him out this past summer, has been a real sore spot. It was a mistake. Bale is an excellent player if used in manner suitable to his talents. His passing may not be up to Spanish standards, but it was always his athleticism and technical flair that separates him from other players. And he has a habit of making a difference in big games. Zidane could at least have been more tactful in handling him, but chose to be harsh and now pays for it. The other issue is many of the players had wanted to leave, oddly enough Bale wasn't one of the. This includes the captain Ramos, the club's soul and embodiment, who had a very lucrative offer from China. There is an air of discontent among the players, some appear to be burned out after riding so high in Europe for three straight years and who now desire a new challenge or wish to cash in rather than sustain that level of excellence.

          The loss of Ronaldo, a source of so many goals and a menace that forced opposition teams to make tactical concessions, has meant teams are not as afraid of Real Madrid anymore. That was certainly the case with Ajax last season who stormed away with a 4-1 win in Madrid, a trick Brugge at one stage looked capable of doing today, which is the real reason I bring up this game. Hazard has partially filled in that hole, in theory anyways, but he is struggling to find his feet. Benzema is a mercurial player who has been finding goals this season, but he's not much for the big games. Between him and Diego Costa, it's clear which side of Madrid has the better center-forward. Besides, Barcelona still have Messi, not to mention Suarez and Griezmann. As far as goal-getting goes, Madrid seems to be falling behind, especially compare to their English counterparts. Beyond Vinicius, no Real Madrid forward seems all that threatening. Then there are players like Casemiro whom I don't think meet the club's standards.

          The fact Madrid couldn't land Neymar, Mbappe or Pogba this summer means they'll have to wait just that much longer to find suitable replacements in areas they are lagging behind. They also need a replacement sooner rather than later for Ramos. They need a Spanish flag bearer who really knows the meaning of playing for a club like Madrid and who can transmit that sense of honor and responsibility to his teammates.


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              Real Madrid are as good as out. A 1-2 loss at home with this group of players to Manchester City has all but ended their hopes in Europe this season. Ramos is suspended for the second leg. Perhaps they signed the wrong Belgian. Hazard is a great player, but De Bruyne is in my opinion the best player in the world ATM.

              Juventus should beat Lyon in the reverse leg, but they made a real mess of themselves in the first leg. They'll need to sort out their mistakes, although I think the coach must rethink his approach and adapt to the players at his disposal.

              Napoli should won the first leg and Manolas really should have put the game beyond Barcelona. It's too bad he couldn't finish that chance. Barcelona should win at home.

              Tottenham, PSG, and Liverpool should prevail despite their first leg set-backs. Bayern and Atalanta have to get through.


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                Spurs out. Two ways to look at this. 1) They came up against a more talented side. 2) Ajax were also superior talent wise but they beat them. The difference is that pochettino side had chemistry and were playing much better. Atm every game is a struggle.


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                  Losing Kane didn't help, but 3-0?! They were frightened by Leipzig's pace. Leipzig were always looking to get in behind defenders and Serge Aurier in particular played into their tactics.


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                    Leipzig are demons when they can get out and run.