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    Hard to believe Leicester, who were 14 points ahead of United before the pandemic shut everything down, are out of a UCL place. United disappointed with a draw against West Ham, but came out deserved winners in their "play-off" against Leicester on Sunday. Leicester were missing 6 players and arguably the loss of Caglar had hurt them the most.

    The decision to sign Fernandes has proven to be a the turning point. Fernandes wasn't quite as sharp on the day. He struggled to spot the pass and had trouble connecting on chances, but it was his pass that led to the penalty and it was he who put it away. That goal made all the difference and Lingard then made it safe. I don't think United would have gotten a UCL place without Fernandes.

    Pogba has his swagger back. Having Fernandes in there has made things much easier for him and given him room to breathe. Matic too takes some of that burden off. United are playing very smooth football and look great on the ball. It will be hard for McTominay and Fred to return into the eleven at this rate.

    I still think United need a couple of signings to get back in the kind of pomp that would allow them to win the EPL again. In particular, de Gea is no longer guaranteed to remain United's first choice in goal. Finding another keeper might be United's biggest priority in the summer.

    I also think United need better wing-backs. Robertson and Alexander-Arnold are big part of Liverpool's success. Wan Bissaka is great, but there is talk that he should play as a CB and I agree with that assessment. Two quality wing-backs or at least a quality left-back might be the final piece of the puzzle.

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    A CB, like Chelsea, is definitely needed. Not many top top quality available however. Van Dijk made all the difference at Liverpool.


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      It will be hard to find another van Dijk and now that they signed Maguire it seems they're now stuck. Koulibaly is one player that might fit the bill.

      Luke Shaw and Wan Bissaka are good players. I would like to see United sign Trippier. He grew up in Manchester and his family are reds. I'd go Wan Bissaka in the middle partly for that reason, but also I'm not impressed with Wan Bissaka's combination play and he's not a great crosser like Trippier. At left-back Ben Chilwell of Leicester is someone else they should get too. Luke Shaw is not at his level. If those players end up at City or Chelsea, United will grow to regret losing out on them.

      Lots of talk they'll sign Jadon Sancho or maybe Grealish. It's clear Sancho is someone who could improve United's attack, but with Greenwood, Rashford, Martial, James, Lingard, and Fernandes they look really good already. Now that United have Fernandes, Grealish would be competing with him for a place most likely.