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    EPO in open warfare with itself and that war has just gone public.

    Vice President of the EPO, Nikos Vakalis, posted on facebook and wants Skibbe out now but Gremmenos doesn't and this battle has gone public! What is even more crazy is the EPO has not even spoken to Skibbe since the Finland game according to Vakalis!! Vakalis states Grammenos doesn't know what to do and so has done nothing! It is total chaos at the EPO and perfect reflection of how the team is on the pitch, disorganised, infighting and stupidity. Camel nation stuff.



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      I think Nikos Vakalis has done the right thing here. I’ve written about Grammenos a fair bit, he is hopeless and it’s not the first time reports have come out that he does not know what to do.

      When he presented to FIFA earlier this year, FIFA was left dumbfounded with what he presented. Others has to do the real work to get us out of Grexit.

      The whole Skibbe case sums up this useless president, I would love to know what credentials got him to the position with EPO as he has been by far the worst I have witnessed


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        I think the club issue is the other problem. They're pulling the EPO apart.

        AEK have been backing Skibbe to stay on, allowing him to hang on by a thread. For this Barkas, Bakakis, and Bakasetas have been become undisputed starters. In Bakakis case, we are at least making honest due. But Barkas and Bakasetas are not first choice players for Greece.

        It's also obvious that PAOK have benefited from their relationship with Skibbe, at least until more recently. Tziolis, Tzavellas, Koulouris, and Stafylidis are all former PAOK players. Pelkas and Pashalakis are current PAOK players. It's laughable that Pashalakis is even on the NT. It's obvious he's there to placate the voices coming from PAOK camp who feel their interests are not being adequately represented.

        Obviously these club rivalries affect who becomes coach. The hiring of Michel would signal favoritism towards OSFP. Anastasiadis would signal favoritism towards PAO and PAOK. Jimenez or Dellas would look towards AEK for support.

        Then there is another problem regarding a lack of a collective effort. In the match against Finland, Pelkas wouldn't play a one-two with Fortounis, who was clean on goal. In the win over Hungary, Lazaros went for goal instead of playing Mitroglou clean on goal. Pelkas, Lazaros and Fortounis are all vying for basically the same number 10 role. We saw this issue arise with Lazaros at the club level too, when he and Fortounis argued over OSFP's set-piece duties.

        At a certain point, the clubs and players will need to come together on this and do what's best for the team. They have to set their pettiness aside and recognize the NT is above all of that.


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          This from Agona:
          GREEK NATIONAL SOCCER TEAM: In the coming days, Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) president Evangelos Grammenos and Greek national team head coach Michael Skibbe are preparing to meet, with the pair set to discuss ending their cooperation.


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            Don Giovanni unless you work at one of the clubs I don’t think you would know if they are pro or anti Skibbe


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                What did I just read


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                  Apparently Grammenos did not have the guts to tell Skibbe he was fired at their meeting and Skibbe only found out through the media..



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                    Grammenos needs to go


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                      This talks about the EPO and their lack of effort with the national team.


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                        that head!


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                            To any Greek players out there, whoever is this next manager, it doesn't matter. The one you need to approach for a cap will be one of these two. Take note:



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                              EPO has all the business sense of a 5 year old child..