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    Larisa has a great stadium, nice and modern but the state of the field is literally that of a cows paddock. If you think I’m exaggerating check out its condition in the Aris game

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    Larisa, like a good 50% of all Greek SuperLeague football teams are at best living hand to mouth with unpaid players all taking bribes and throwing matches because that’s the only income they are likely to be getting.
    What’s the point of these great stadiums when they get an average of 1000 spectators. Biggest white elephant ever.
    All of the ones built for the Olympics are in a state now and they never had a chance of being even half filled.


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      Any badly policed facility in the world is likely to suffer from poor attendence. Add to that ticket prices in Greece.. it is a miracle even a small amount of fans turn up.


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        Ticket prices are pretty low though, however can’t be playing football on a field not even worthy of Sunday amateur leagues, if even that, there is a clip with part of the ground and it’s beyond bad


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          Originally posted by Amorgos View Post
          Ticket prices are pretty low though
          For the AEL Arena? They are expensive - especially for Greeks wages and especially for what you get in terms of experience and security. These were the AEL ticket prices vs Aris:

          Not far off premiership prices sadly..


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            That’s a surprise... yeah I guess for Greek wages that’s expensive. You would want to see a proper field too bloody hell