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    The brilliant CB.

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    Roma blew a 2-0 lead today to Chievo, ending the match in 2-2 draw. Chievo didn't have many chances, but they opened Roma's defense on three ocassions and could have won the game. On one play, with score still 2-0 in Roma's favor, Chievo had three men free for an open head that went over the bar. Roma were back tracking and momentarily lost composure. There wasn't much that could have been done to prevent Chievo's first goal, a real rocket of a goal. On the second, however, Kolarov made a silly error. Roma should have had this in the bag. There's still a lot of Series A to be played, but this was a team Juventus had beaten 3-2 on opening day, which goes to show that Juventus still have that little bit of extra quality over Roma.

    Manolas, for his efforts, looked solid all throughout. He's a hard player to beat. He also showed some of his acumen in the attack. On the opening goal, he played a smart ball, one-touch, out of the back to Florenzi on the wing, who drove the ball across to the far post for El-Shawary to score. They say God is in the details and this is one of those little things that make a difference in the end. Chievo was not expecting Manolas to make that pass, at least not that quickly, and it opened the play for Roma before Chievo had a proper chance to clear their lines and readjust themselves once Roma had pull the play back.

    Both of Roma's goals were the result of some excellent football.


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      Real Madrid are hopeful to sign De Ligt, meaning they might let Varane go. It won't happen because De Ligt is Barcelona bound, no question.

      Being that Varane will likely remain at Real Madrid and De Ligt is likely to choose Barcelona, that will make Manolas Juventus's likely top defensive target.

      I really think Manolas should join United or better yet Arsenal. Ronaldo will probably end up at United the season after next anyways. Juventus doesn't have the resources to mount a title challenge for UCL. It's Barcelona's and Real's to lose next season.


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        If Manolas goes to Arsenal that definitely means Mavropanos will he loaned out or even sold. Manolas should go to Manchester United. They need a fast and classic CB.


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          I'd say Manolas has three options in front of him: Atletico, United and Arsenal. Barcelona, Real and Juventus aren't realistic for him.
          Because De Ligt is likely Barcelona bound, that likely means Varane is staying put. Juventus already have Bonucci and Chiellini, meaning he's basically a back-up.
          Bayern, PSG, Manchester City and Liverpool are looking for defenders more comfortable on the ball and for back-ups, really young up-and-comers to groom. Chelsea can't sign anyone for two transfer windows, so forget them.

          Between the three, Arsenal would be best for Greek football. Three Greek CBs playing game-in and out at one foreign club, let alone Arsenal, doesn't get any better. The one problem for Manolas, should he go there, is that there's a real question to be asked of Arsenal's ambitions. Are they ambitious enough for him? Are they willing to spend?

          Arsenal in recent years have only been competitive enough for Europa and at best a fourth place finish in the EPL, if even that. This summer, they'll need to look at signing the likes of Ajax's Neres and Tadic, Lyon's Depay, and/or Lille's Pepe.
          That too may not happen for another season at least and it may require offloading Ozil in order to faciliate it, which means good luck.

          They may have to consider signing Bale too who will be offloaded by Real this summer. There is a danger in that Bale goes to Tottenham, that probably would relegate Arsenal to at best fourth place in the EPL next season. Arsenal will probably need to sign an attacker to match and none of the aforementioned are proven enough. Tadic is really a like-for-like to Ozil, but more energetic and hungry. Tadic also didn't set the EPL alight when he was there. Depay struggled at United and there's just as much reason to believe Neres and Pepe will too. Only Bale is a proven success in England. And if his two goals against Liverpool in the 2018 UCL final are anything to go by, then I'd say he's exactly the kind of player Tottenham or Arsenal will need to really stake a run for the EPL title and UCL.

          United have ambition. There's no questions there, but I'd prefer him at Arsenal only because it would be better for Greece and Greek football. For Manolas, Manchester United would be the better club to sign with for personal reasons.

          There's no other way to compete with Messi without Ronaldo or Mbappe. They can forget about Mbappe, he's not going anywhere.

          A club like Juventus can't match Ronaldo's ambitions due to their lack of resources. Come the end of next season, Juventus will happily keep Dybala who will no doubt have benefited from Ronaldo's and Messi's influences and use the funds from Ronaldo's sale to build around him instead. That's where the smart money would be for Juventus. They can't keep Dybala unless they sell Ronaldo next season probably.

          To do all this, United need to sell Pogba to Real this summer. It's not even up for question anymore. With those funds and during the same transfer window, they need to sign Felix from Benfica, who is basically a better version of Manchester City's Bernardo Silva. They need to allow Felix to stay another season in Lisbon and bring him in together with Ronaldo the following season. United must do this.

          They also need to sign another one of Ronaldo's former Real team-mates when they trade Pogba to Real, either someone like Isco, Asensio, or Modric. Between them, Modric is the likeliest they can bring to England and most suitable to English football. He'll also have the best influence on younger players coming through at United, which is what the club needs for long-term success.

          With that, United will need a top CB. Maybe they get De Ligt and convince him of their plans. I think United see him as an answer to Van Dijk, but in all likelihood that's not happening
          and for United's purposes, I think the money is better spent elsewhere anyways
          . De Ligt is Barcelona bound in my view. Varane won't be leaving Real Madrid unless Real can get De Ligt. If Real get De Ligt, then Manchester United will go for Varane or Ramos. Beyond those scenarios, a defender like Manolas can then fall into the frame of the discussion.

          Next season, both Real and Barcelona will be out of this planet, while Atletico will be rebuilding and won't be able to hold on to coach Simeone, who is Inter bound, and Griezmann--who is destined for Barcelona, PSG, or England--much longer. It would be a mistake for Manolas to go to Atletico. This is a club more or less on the same level as Roma by the summer.


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            I believe Manolas is very happy at Roma. He has said this in an interview. He is living very well and has a nice house and family. I’d be shocked if he leaves. But if somehow he would want to leave then Man United would be the best club for him. Also I’d like to see what he can do in a club with that much history and success.


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              The thing is, Roma are at best second fiddle to Juventus. The only thing Roma can win is probably the Coppa Italia. Manolas doesn't have the same connection to the club like Totti or De Rossi, nor has he shown any loyalty in the past. If he's ambitious, he must leave. Really, he has three options; Atletico, United or Arsenal. For him personally, United would be his best option. Once United have Felix and Ronaldo on the books, they'll be the best team in England and probably the world.


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                Roma look destined to finish outside the top four and I think a move to the EPL beckons. I hope he goes to Arsenal, but United are a more ambitious club and he would likely win greater honors there.


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                  Roma finished 6th and thus will not be competing in the UCL next season. Roma have indicated they will sign Mancini of Atlanta and are now willing to sell Manolas in order to raise capital.

                  Arsenal have indicated they will need to win the Europa League, thus qualify for the UCL, in order to sign Manolas. Otherwise, they'll be in the market for a cheaper, younger alternative which they appear to have found in Espanyol defender Hermoso. United is a more desirable club I think in terms of ambition. If United intend to sign Felix and eventually Ronaldo, that will likely prevent them from signing someone like Varane or Koulibaly, who will command a transfer fee higher than Liverpool had paid for Van Dijk. De Ligt too appears to be bound for Barcelona, so that probably throws him out of the equation. This means United will have less to spend on a defender and someone like Manolas would probably fit their price range.

                  Atletico are looking to replace Godin. I think that player will be Otamendi. It would be a mistake for Manolas to sign for them. Simeone will end up at Inter, possibly as soon as the season following. Once he's gone, Atletico will not be the same.

                  A move to Juventus has been suggest. At Juventus he would be a back-up to Chiellini. Also should Guardiola become the coach, I don't think Manolas would even fit in his plans.

                  I strongly believe his future is in England with Arsenal and United being his likeliest destinations.


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                    United remain linked with De Ligt, who I still think would sooner sign for Barcelona. Koulibaly is another they are linked with, but for the money Napoli is asking and their reluctance to sell suggests that's not happening. Leicester's Maguire is another name bandied around, but he looks City bound. Varane appears to be staying put and at his price tag it's probably not feasible. I'm inclined to think they will look for someone more along the lines of Manolas, who is a cheaper alternative and an excellent defender no less.

                    Arsenal are at risk of losing Manolas. I don't see how they can pay for him after losing out on the UCL. Unless Roma agree to release Manolas to them at a reduced fee, he doesn't appear he's heading to London. Then again, Roma may rue seeing Manolas in a Napoli or Juventus jersey and may well prefer him at Arsenal than their domestic rivals.


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                      Napoli.. what a step down..


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                        Why would he go there. I wanted to see him at Manchester United.


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                          Reached his ceiling club wise/ agent wise.


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                            Money. He'll get be making about 80,000 euros a week and Roma get paid the total release clause fee. It's not a done deal yet. AC Milan are looking to sign him too, but so far have not been willing to pay the full release clause. I think if Manolas goes to Napoli, it may mean Koulibaly is leaving for big money.


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                              Manchester United aren't sure how they want to rebuild because Ronaldo could go to PSG if Mbappe/Neymar leave for Madrid. Arsenal didn't make the UCL. So there's goes those options.

                              Juventus would not guarantee him playing time. Inter have Godin and aren't anxious to sign him. Napoli plan to sell Koulibaly eventually, possibly this summer. AC Milan are rebuilding and are looking for a defender like Manolas, but so far have been unwilling to meet Roma's release clause. I think Milan could steal him yet, but right now he looks Napoli bound.