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  • Just saw some highlights of Gentsoglou... very good passer of the ball. Can also find the striker, which is something our current CMs are not able to do. Fairly strong, good at 1v1 just like you said. I don’t think he is the answer though. It’s a team sport, 1 man won’t save us. We need quicker CMs who can take players on aswell. He can’t do that. I think he is better than Samaris in terms of vision. Probably the same as Taxi but only slightly faster and way better defensively.

    Androutsos is the type of CDM/CM we need. But with more vision and technical ability. If Androutsos improves on these aspects
    than we have our CM. The problem is he isn’t playing.


    • Ela re Dean... No to Gentsoglou who is playing in Champions League and more then holding his ground vs Ajax because he’s not taking players on? Not necessarily what he should be doing, it’s bout distribution, vision, winning 50/50’s and doing the ugly stuff we don’t talk about.

      Until Androutsos is playing week in week out he won’t be an option


      • You are right but I don’t want to get too excited and say yes he is better than what we have and he should be starting. Samaris has been playing champions league to but hasn’t been performing the same way for Greece. I think the problem is more the team than individual performances.

        He could be put in now but if he has Samaris or Bakasetas to play with he isn’t going to help us as much as we think. Gentsoglou is great dont get me wrong but how do we know if he is national team material??

        Once upon a time before he got capped I thought Bakasetas would help and improve Greece and instead it was the opposite. Pelkas I thought would help but isn’t effective.

        Taking players on in midfield and have the ability to do so is important. We have plenty of midfielders who sit back and hold. Tachtsidis, Samaris, Kourbelis, Zeca and Bouchalakis. More so the first 3. We need someone with the skill to get passed a player or 2 and give passes to the striker or have a shot. Don’t you think so aswell?

        If we want him to play the holding role then he should but we can’t have 2 holding. The other person has to be a bit more adventurous going forward that’s what I’m talking about. That’s what we need in midfield. Gentsoglou looks like he would do a better job than Samaris that’s for sure.

        Gentsoglou can pick out the striker very well and puts it on the plate from deep. I’m not saying no to him to be in the team I’m just saying to not get your hopes up before he puts the jersey on. I would like to say put him in now and let’s see what he does, I’m all for it. I know I’m being a bit pessimistic but I’m starting to get sick of putting so much hype in players who most of the time don’t deliver especially for Greece.


        • Originally posted by Don Giovanni View Post
          Pelkas isn't playing much these days. Mantalos is an option, but I doubt he plays over Fortounis. I have soured on Fortounis, although he can still be the spark and turn things on, I think the classic 10 is very close to becoming anachronistic.

          He's only capable of being a creative option. I don't think Greece can afford to defend with just 10 men and have one player in a free role. On other teams, unless it's a player of Ronaldo's quality, no one is free anymore. Look at Salah or Mbappe, they run and chase. They work incredibly hard for their teams and have out of this world fitness levels. They constantly put pressure on opponents when their team is out of possession. Everyone has to work very hard. Fortounis only last for 70 minutes. He's slow and far too weak. I think that's why now guys like Ozil can't even compete anymore. The classic 10 is close to dead. Unless we need a goal and are desperate, Fortounis should sit on the bench. Against Liechtenstein he should start, but against Bosnia and Italy he'd be better utilized as a threat from the bench. He's not an automatic starter for me anymore.

          Mitroglou right now is trash. I don't think he's anything but a bench option anymore, much like Fortounis. What really bothers me about him is that he doesn't run. He doesn't chase. He doesn't work. He's a lazy player. Guivarch and Giroud might not have scored for France in their winning World Cup campaigns, but at least they worked for their team and showed excellent technical qualities outside the box to help their team in the attack. If Mitroglou wants to wait for things to happen, then he should just wait on the bench until we get desperate and need to turn to him, when there is no other choice. Our CBs are bigger goal threats than he is.

          Anastasiadis probably plays Mitroglou for the match to Liechtenstein and Bosnia. I think he keeps the faith with him. Koulouris, I concur, will struggle to adapt to the senior men's team. He may not be ready to compete for a place on this team. If Mitroglou is playing poorly, Koulouris will see game time as a sub, but I doubt he fares any better. Both should really be nothing more than bench options.

          If it were up to me, I think the big change needs to be three at the back. Our CBs are our best players. We need to make the absolute most use of them, that includes getting them into scoring positions, and not just from set-pieces.

          In midfield, we should really go Tachtsidis, Samaris and Zeca. All three are playing regularly and playing well for their clubs. Benfica are second and could win the league. Copenhagen are winning the league. Lecce are in a position to gain promotion to Series A via the play-offs. The only way we can get Samaris and Tachtsidis to compliment each other is if we stagger them. Tachtsidis at AM/CM and Samaris at DM/CB. Zeca to fill everything in-between with his tireless running. These are experienced players for Greece and in my view, mainly because they play abroad, the best midfield options we have. Kourbelis, Galanopoulos might be better suited to play over Samaris seeing as they can run and harass opponents, something Samaris won't do as effectively, but Samaris is superior on the ball. Against Bosnia and Italy, that is to say opponents who are near equal or better, his abilities on the ball will count for close to nothing. We need energetic players who can cover lots of ground and physically trouble opponents.
          I know this is an old post but from reading back on them this is exactly what our problem. Mitroglou is not active enough, both in and out of possession. Samaris - once he is beaten it’s over he won’t make it in time. Our lack of movement with possession is also a problem. But all these problems come from the coach. There is no real emphasis being put in the game plan. We need more movement especially in the middle.

          Now with Koulouris and Pavlidis in form we can now have alternatives to Mitroglou who to me dosent do enough. Waiting for things to happen will not help us. Everyone like you said needs to work. In regards to the midfield there isn’t enough cover . If we were to put Zeca, Kourbelis or Galanopoulos there together then we would cover more ground than say Samaris or Tachtsidis would.

          If we were to use Tachtsidis in the 10 role he would be nothing more than a player who can hold up the ball with his strength and size. He isn’t agile or mobile or fast enough to take players on which is something Fortounis can do but isn’t doing it. The 10 has to be taking players on and setting up goals aswell as scoring them. You need real quality and skill to do it which is important in my opinion. Tachtsidis will also be useful if holds the ball up and plays wide and then make runs in the box for headers. As he has the height and ability to score goals with his head. His vision and passing range will be complimented when playing deeper. But hasn’t got the concentration in defence. He would be suited to come in off the bench to score a goal.

          Bouchalakis is more effective with the ball than Samaris is. The reason why Samaris plays so deep for Benfica is because he is a liability in attack and isn’t as agile to create things going forward. He is a good marker and good third CB when needed to cover. Once he is beaten 1v1 the defence is put under more pressure. But players like Kourbelis, Zeca and Galanopoulos are faster and more agile to chase donw players and not be completely beaten. They have more of a chance to get the ball back again because if their energy and speed.

          Fetfatzidis is suited more in the 10 role. More than anyone in my opinion. Pelkas too when he is in form. Fortounis too. I’m a bit optimistic for our wide options because Masouras is starting to become a more dangerous and effective player. But we need more quality so Fetfatzidis should take one side due to the lack of quality wi feed we have. We need wingers to do the full job. Such as crossing in the box, beating players. And all this needs to be done with speed.


          • Fetfa averaging an assist per game. Here is the latest vs OFI - 4:48


            • Saw that... he needs to be selected


              • Originally posted by Reaper View Post
                Fetfa averaging an assist per game. Here is the latest vs OFI - 4:48

                Not only that his performances are top notch. Every game he has played he has been dangerous and has shown how excellent skilful he is.


                • My ultimate Greek 11’s

                  I have created 4 teams and each is in order of preference. With Number 1 being my preferred squad, who I believe if everything worked out with Holebas, Ninis, Gianniotas and Kyriakos I would put them in my #1squad. #2 would be behind #1 in the pecking order ofcourse. I rate players from squad #1 higher than the rest. Squads number #3 and #4 are either not ready yet or players who should be dropped. Players from squad #2 can replace players from squad #1. Squad #1 is based off current form and personal preference. Squad #3 I would like to put in at some point down the road. Squad#4 has a longer way to go and also players who should be dropped for a while. These squads are a mix of reality and fantasy.

                  Does everyone agree? What would you change and why? I would like to get some feedback and please comment freely. Also if I’ve left out anyone or you disagree with what I wrote please don’t hesitate to discuss your opinion. Thanks.


                  Kyriakos Manolas Sokratis
                  Gianniotas Ninis Zeca Holebas
                  Fetfatzidis Koulouris Masouras


                  Retsos Siovas Kourbelis
                  Tsimikas Bouchalakis Androutsos Koutris
                  Fortounis Mitroglou Mantalos


                  Mavropanos Risvanis Lykogiannis
                  T.Chatzi Gentsoglou Tachtsidis Manthatis
                  Bouzoukis Pavlidis Lamprou


                  Goutas Delizisis Torosidis
                  G.Masouras Galanopoulos Samaris Stafylidis
                  Pelkas Manos Vrousai

                  Players to also put in:
                  Lazaros, Kolovos, Karelis, Donis and Kyriakopoulos.
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                  • Made an adjustment to squad #1 to make it more realistic.

                    Manolas Siovas Sokratis
                    Masouras Bouchalakis Zeca Tsimikas
                    Donis Koulouris Mantalos

                    I’ve used 3-4-3 because I believe this formation suits us best. In defence it’s a 5-4-1 and in attack a 3-4-3. In attack Mantalos and Donis are more inverted wingers not wide wingers. They are more central with Masouras and Tsimikas bombing down. But my common sense tells me that Masouras is more dangerous further forward if the pitch. We really have a problem RB/RWB. Unless we just put Donis there as Masouras is more dangerous in and around the box. Donis could use his speed to close down the opposition. I believe we should try this formation because we are utilising our best position (CB) and we have more options going forward. Subs should be Pavlidis, Kolovos and Fetfatzidis (I would start him.)


                    • Weakest two players in all PAOK's European games this season have been Pelkas and Pasca.


                      • They haven’t stepped up that’s for sure. They are very inconsistent.

                        Meanwhile great news Fetfatzidis has been called up!
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                        • I’ve mentioned this guy before, Albanis from AEK... he’s pretty much taken Mantalos’s spot today and been amazing in setting up goals and chances


                          • Originally posted by Amorgos View Post
                            I’ve mentioned this guy before, Albanis from AEK... he’s pretty much taken Mantalos’s spot today and been amazing in setting up goals and chances
                            Good player. Is Mantalos definitely out for these next 2 games?


                            • Unfortunately yes... so it will be a pretty different team that plays Finland... I have not heard of another call up to replace him as yet but they should as the team needs another attacking player urgently. Mitroglou, Tachtsidis, Donis, any of these guys would be helpful.


                              • Beyond Fortounis, we need someone to settle the ball, play the triangles, and at the same time organize the team. Samaris doesn't cut it. His passing game is not good enough to do that and he runs around without looking up. His head is down too much. Zeca and Kourbelis are runners too, so the midfield has no balance. It's the three stooges when they play together. We might be able to play all three if we play Tachtsidis in a more advanced role where I think he will excel most. So long as Samaris plays deeper and Tachtsidis plays more higher up the pitch, the two can work in the middle together. Side-by-side on the same line they're a disaster.

                                Bouchalakis is a workable alternative, but I don't rate him anywhere nearly as highly as Tachtsidis. For me, Tachtsidis in the 4-0 loss to Inter played better than Bouchalakis in the 4-0 win over Krasnodar. Bouchalakis completed half as many as passes (Tachtsidis completed over 70 easy). Also Bouchalakis never did anything to threaten the opposition goal. It was all Guilherme and, more so, Valbuena who ran the show in the middle. Bouchalakis has to be more commanding. Van't Schip made a mistake not calling up Tachtsidis. Now with Mantalos out, I hope he can still call him up if it's not too late.

                                Also, Siopis has no place on this team. Better to call-up Galanopoulos or alternatively Charisis (of Atromitos). I don't understand why Galanopoulos didn't start for AEK against Trabzonspor when they lost 1-3 and in the season opener loss to Xanthi. That's Cardoso's mistake and now he's out of a job. Galanopoulos is good enough for the Greek NT bench. He is a good alternative to Kourbelis, Zeca, or Samaris. Charisis is a good option if injuries affect another regular call-up. Siopis is finished in Greece now. As far as defensive mids go, this is what we can work with for now.

                                I hope Retsos is back in the senior side come the games to Italy and Bosnia. We need him too.