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  • Friendlies

    Going to America.

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    Good chance to experiment a bit...


    Kitsiou Mavropanos Retsos Lykogiannis

    Fetfa Vasiliadis Bouchalakis Limnios

    Fountas Pavlidis

    Kitsiou has been in decent form. Also Fountas has been in the best form of his career. Fast player who can score.

    Vasiliadis should play and see how he does with Bouchalakis. 2 players who are slightly more attacking then Kourbelis and Galanopoulos.

    Other names to consider are, Bouzoukis, Chatzigiovannis, Marinakis, Kyriakopoulos, Tsilianidis and Nikolaou.

    Kind of pointless listing our names because we’ll probably won’t see these guys play. Hatzidiakos and Galanopoulos are out injured. Fortounis might be back soon so we could see him back in the team. JVS has been keeping an eye on Bouzoukis. He should just give him a chance in these friendlies to see what he can offer.


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      It seems we'll play either El Salvador or Costa Rica on March 26th. We could also play a second game in the US with an opponent yet to be determined.


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        So refreshing to play americans in friendlies rather than... Romania for the billionth time..


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          I think we are playing Mexico. If we are it will be a good test. I wonder who’s going to play. Does he keep the same team and try 1 or 2 different players or dies he put out a different team with 2 or 3 usual starters? Time will tell.


          • Don Giovanni
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            We will in fact play Mexico in Texas on March 29th.

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          Last time they came to states was before WC 2014, and I went to the game were they played Bolivia.

          Was able to sit right behind the goal, arms reach from the players, it was incredible. Hope to see them come back, and play in NY, or close enough.


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            They actually played well back then and you guys got to see some goals unlike 1994 lol (besides a goal vs the US)


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              We have a friendly lined up with the Netherlands in late May as they gear up for Euro 2020. They should field a good, competitive team.


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                Tickets go on sale today for the friendly between the ethniki and costa rica.

                Match will be at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey, at 8 pm, March 26th (day after independence day).

                For NYC red bull members, the tickets are currently on sale, but for the general public, they go on sale at noon.


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         Link to buy tickets


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                    Want to get tickets to the game, does anyone know where the Greek fans will be sitting?


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                      Game has been postponed/canceled


                      Τελικά, το ταξίδι της Εθνική για τα φιλικά με Κόστα Ρίκα και Μεξικό δεν θα γίνει λόγω της έξαρσης του κοροναϊού.

                      Ο κοροναϊός απειλεί τον πλανήτη και σχεδόν όλες οι χώρες στον πλανήτη παίρνουν τα μέτρα τους.

                      Ο Ολυμπιακός είχε κάνει αίτημα για να μην πραγματοποιηθούν τα φιλικά στις ΗΠΑ με Κόστα Ρίκα και Μεξικό και τελικά αυτό έγινε δεκτό.

                      Η απόφαση που πάρθηκε από την ΕΠΟ είναι να αναβληθεί το προγραμματισμένο ταξίδι στην απέναντι όχθη του Ατλαντικού και μάλιστα εντός της ημέρας αναμένεται κι η σχετική ανακοίνωση.

                      Θυμίζουμε πως η Εκτελεστική Επιτροπή της ΕΠΟ είχε εγκρίνει το ταξίδι της Εθνικής στην Αμερική για τα φιλικά που θα δώσει στις 26 και 29/3 σε Τέξας και Νέα Υόρκη.

                      I have 4 tickets to the game and I'm expecting Ticketmaster to issue a refund/or inform everyone of a new date/venue. I hope the EPO can push the game back a bit, and make it a Friday.

                      Let this corona shit pass over, so fans/teams don't feel uneasy traveling/being in a packed stadium.

                      All in all, understandable move by the EPO here.
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                        We have 2 friendlies coming up 1 in October and 1 in November. So from September until December the Ethniki will be playing 10 games altogether including the nations league. In these friendlies we should try new players and formation.
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                          Greece vs Cyprus in 30 mins...



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                            2-1 win, great first half, ordinary second, I thought the line up in first half showed so much promise, most of the guys that came on in the second half showed why they are not good enough