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    The virus has hit Italy with over 500 cases. A total of 14 Italians have died from it. Greece has so far 3 confirmed cases.

    Greece has reported two new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to three.
    The health ministry said one of the cases concerned a relative of a 38-year-old woman in the northern town of Thessaloniki, the first confirmed case reported in Greece.
    The woman had recently returned from Milan in northern Italy.

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    This disease is going to pose a ton of problems for the entire world.

    I'm very concerned about what will happen if it hits major cities with mass transportation systems like New York City.

    It has a high kill rate and incubation period is very long. I'm not a dooms day believer, but I do think there is a legitimate possibility of food shortages. There's a video circulating the internet showing a supermarket in Italy being completely empty aside from a few stray bags of goods.

    I don't know how the virus started - some say it's from barbaric eating habits of the Chinese, and others say this was a leaked biowarfare virus.

    Regardless of where it came from, this virus is going to test the world


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      There are some worrying signs. In the US they have a reported case they can't trace back to anyone else. Obviously there are people who are carrying the virus who are unreported. I'm not sure if the current containment efforts are enough and we may need to restrict travel at some point to and from areas that have been hit hard. At the same time, I don't see a need to panic either.


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        The Middle Eastern Respiratory Virus was a more contagious/deadly virus. The influenza virus is even bigger killer than this coronavirus, in fact.

        This is a serious issue but that's ok, we have Mike Pence on the job. He infamously oversaw a widespread HIV epidemic in his home state of Indiana and did... well, not much.


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          Pence is just in charge of messaging. He's not tasked with overlooking the response itself.

          Trump lessened funding to the CDC and fired the lead pandemic specialist for the country two years ago, failing to find a replacement. Despite that, Pat Buchanan thinks Trump can come out a political winner in all this: We're too reliant on China manufacturing wise and mass migration is a security threat;this virus can only embolden support for Trump's views on these matters, so Buchanan makes a reasonable point. The greed of our political elites and corporate masters was due for a reality check like this. And Trump too needs to smarten up and lead properly, without the bombast, by focusing on what matters and making sure this doesn't turn into a crisis.

          It seems a vaccine will be a year in the wait:

          And Michael Specter on a possible vaccine: Scientists are moving with great speed to stop this pandemic. They sequenced the virus in less than two weeks—an essential step in creating diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines, and one that only a few years ago would have taken months. But, even with expedited trials and drug development, it could take a year to create a vaccine. If this virus were to swerve out of control before then, the death rate could soar.


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            Coronavirus is has played a leading role in wiping out $5 trillion off the stock market. China and Europe are said to be in recession. The US faces a 1.5%-2% hit to the GDP.


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              The virus has a more similar structure to HIV...


              Probably explains how people seem to get reinfected by it and do not get immune to it having had it once.


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                There are reasons to suspect that this virus may have originated in a lab:


                The HIV-like structure of the virus is suspicious.


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                    Dean Koontz sounds a little like Nostradamus here.


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                      A patient that recovered from coronavirus has told of how she battled the illness and what it feels like when at the most dangerous stage.
                      Julie, from Singapore, showed flu-like symptoms with a fever of 38.5C on February 3 so she took two Panadols before taking a rest.

                      "I just felt a bit tired and remember sleeping the whole day," she told BBC 5 Live.

                      "And then after that, the fever went and the rest of the week I was well. I didn't even have a sniffle or a cough."

                      But five days later, she was told by the doctor that she had tested positive for coronavirus.
                      "When I was going through the critical stage, one of the things I encountered was breathing.

                      "It felt like my lungs were going into overdrive, they were really making an effort."
                      She said that it was very challenging for her to walk to the toilet as everything seemed to be in a slow motion.

                      Julie battled the disease for nine days and was finally tested negative for the virus.

                      "I don't know about the long-term impact, the only thing I know is that I cannot walk for long, simply because I will feel a little bit short of breath and I feel the need to sit down," she explained.

                      "That's something that has never happened to me before."

                      She also said people are worried about coronavirus because "they know nothing at this point in time and they know very little".


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                        COVID-19 is serious, however not nearly as deadly as MERS/SARS.


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                          It has a higher death rate and is most dangerous to seniors, particularly men. We're now up to 40 cases in Greece.


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                            Seems it is far far more infectious than the other epidemics.



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                              They're trying to prevent the rapid spread of the disease, so lots of notable events are being cancelled or postponed. This will create more time to get the necessary resources to deal with a greater pandemic and project how badly the virus could affect the general population. Some projections suggest this could be in the millions, potentially less so. I think this adding to a greater sense of uneasy and that disease may not spread as rapidly as some fear.

                              Most of the experts I have heard say these efforts should help prevent the spread of the disease in the short term, but long term the disease will spread. So if you have older parents or grandparents and visit with them regularly, or if you have young children (particular newborns), be well aware of how the disease spreads and how to protect yourself as they are the most vulnerable to the disease:

                              • Wash your hands frequently
                              • Maintain social distancing (1 meter / 3 feet)
                              • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
                              • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early
                              Avoid East Asians is probably a good idea too, but that's racist. It makes you a bad person for having a brain.

                              Simple really. Take care guys.